Factory-Built Home Financing, Made Easy

Securing the financing you need for the home you’ve dreamed of is often the deciding factor in getting the house and not. With something so important deciding your housing future, it’s important to know your options and understand all the nuances you need to have under your belt. At Eastex Home Center, our team’s number one priority is making sure that you have the best experience with the current options and resources for manufactured home financing. We make sense of all the financial processes and help you find a home loan that’s right for your very specific and personal situation. That way you get the deal you need without delay. Getting our customers a great deal on their new home is what we always strive for. We can recommend lending houses, work your loan personally, or recommend changes to be made before applying for financial help. No two situations are the same, and we don’t treat you that way either.

The Right Loan For Any Purchase


A Land/Home loan offers homebuyers significant advantages for buying a manufactured home and land together. These loans are sometimes referred to as conventional loans, and these home loans may often come with a convenient one-time close, with many improvements and customizations being able to be financed into them. You may not need to pay monthly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI), and you may be able to buy down the loan’s interest rate. In addition, no permanent foundation or survey is mandated. Conventional Mortgages can carry longer loan terms, and closing costs and points can be financed into them, reducing your out-of-pocket closing costs.


Also known as Chattel Mortgages, these are personal property loans made for the purchase or refinance of a manufactured home that is not permanently affixed to real property. Down payment requirements for Chattel home loans can be as low as 5%, with terms usually capped at 20 years. Interest rates for Chattel mortgages are typically 3-4% higher than traditional mortgages. Eastex Home Center understands the advantages of home financing that is just that, solely for the home you are searching for. If you already own land or are exploring other options and just need the home, this is a great option for your situation! We can help you qualify for it, and enable you to purchase a new home you love at any budget.


When you shop for a new manufactured home or modular home, you may find other dealerships offer you great low prices on a new home, until their hidden fees, closing costs, and other stipulations come into play. Eastex Home Center doesn’t believe in setting people up for failure. We conveniently set the base rates for our homes to include the delivery, setup, and any additions you want to add will plainly show their price and what they add to the budget of the build. Taking this worry out of the equation, you can shop while resting assures that you’re paying for what you wanted and nothing else. Remember, we have no overhead to cover, so you only need to provide a budget for the home of your dreams, not the lining in any investor’s pockets.
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